ASP Spell Check provides an Spellchecker component for Microsoft ASP (VBScript) . Word-processor style spell checking installs in minutes. Provides spelling validation for HTML Website Forms, Content management (CMS), Browser HTML Editors and Intranets. HTML and XHTML W3C compliant, accessible and broadly compatible. International dictionaries for: French, German, Swedish, Danish, Italian, Dutch... Now ASP.Net, AJAX & Flash Compatible

Publisher description

ASP SpellCheck is an international spell checking component for Microsoft ASP (VBScript) web applications. ASPSpellCheck provides international spellchecking for your ASP applications. It is suitable for use with W3C HTML and XHTML applications, and has a good degree of accessibility. With no ActiveX controls Database or DLLs to install, you can be up and running in minutes. ASPSpellCheck even be used on virtual/shared hosting. We believe that ASPSpellCheck has amongst the highest compatibility of any commercial web spell checker. Compatibility with: AOL, Internet Explorer, Netscape, FireFox and Macintosh Browsers. International dictionaries for: French, German, Swedish, Danish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish Australian, Canadian, British and American English. ASP SpellCheck has built in OO classes to save you development time. Adding a spell-check to an existing webpage can be performed in minutes. ASP SpellCheck is compatible with most WYSIWYG Editors, including FCKEdit, yusASP, Innova Studio & HTMLAREA. Uses Include: Spell check any form in your website, intranet or web-application. Spellcheck with more than one language simultaneously & programmatically control the language selections, and dialog language. Spellchecking any html element such as DIV and TABLE. You can also spell-check entire Iframes. Build spell check into your WebMail application with ease. Allow the user to choose their own spell checking preferences using your own custom interface. WYSIWYG Usage Integration with almost all visual HTML editing components. Now ASP.Net, AJAX , JavaScript & Flash Actionscript Compatible

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